Shop Benches (prt. 2)

After a long Christmas & New Years, hiatus I started working on my shop benches again this week. On Sunday night everything was going well and I designed and built the alignment jig in about an hour. Monday night didn’t go as well. Part way through welding the first leg unit I ran out of wire.  A quick look at the clock (11pm), and I knew I wasn’t getting any wire until the next day.

Tuesday after work I picked up some wire and finished off the first leg unit. I should have seen this coming, half way through the second leg unit I ran out of gas.  After getting a refill on Wednesday, I was able to finish up the rest of the leg units with out any problems.

alignmentjigThe pine & MDF alignment jig.

tubealignmentHow I hold The tubing flush, when tacking.

weldA decent weld

groundflushGround Flush

completedlegunitA finished unit

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