me2013My name is Dan Sherman. I’m a web developer by trade, and a physicist by training. I’ve occupied my free time with a ton of hobbies over the years. When I was little it was slot cars, toy trains, model rockets, & model yachts. My hobbies aren’t as diverse as they once where, but what I enjoy about them is still the same. At some point I realized what I enjoyed most was the process of designing & building something. For example, when I was a kid, I enjoyed the process of making model rockets more than launching them. I suspect this is the reason I have stuck with metalworking and woodworking for so many years while other hobbies fell by the way side. The goal of metalworking and woodworking is to make something.

I consider myself a self-taught amateur, who sometimes spends more time learning how to do something than actually doing it. I still have nightmares about wedged mortises; ok not really but you know what I mean. My blog serves a couple different purposes. First, it’s my attempt (some times feeble) to help others learn from my mistakes and miss cues. If I can help one person save some time and make a process more enjoyable, all the work I put into the blog is totally worth it. Secondly, it is a place for me to say “check out this thing I just made, I think it’s pretty cool”. After all, some times the biggest kick I get out of doing a project is just knowing my skills have progressed to a point that I can actually complete it successfully.