Bench grinder setup Pt. 3

Now that I’ve completed both the wheel bushings, I can dig my teeth into the heart of this project, building better tool rests. I’ve never seen a bench/pedestal grinder that came with what i would consider a good tool rest.  To me a good tool rest is one that wraps around both sides of the wheel, and has 2 to 3 inches in-front of, and on both sides of the wheel. In my opinion a lage work surface makes it much easier to grind metalworking tools, specifically threading and form tools. With regards to woodworking, a large work surface makes it really easy to grind plane and chisel blades.

I’m going to purchase a Oneway Wolverine jig for grinding wood turning tools, so the rest i’m building needs to mount in a way that it won’t interfere with it. Thus, my rest will mount to the wheel guard like the stock Baldor rests do. The following video shows the machining of the first of 3 parts needed to make my rests, it also gives a brief overview of what my rests will look like and how they will work.


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Part of the Project

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