A Noga & Indicol Hybrid

A while back, Tom Lipton did a video on mating a Noga arm to an Indicol body. Last weekend, I decided I wanted one, and set about making one. I used that arm of a a Noga NF61003, and an import Indicol.

The first step, was to take them apart, and see what I was working with. The arm was fastened to the base with a short M5 thread, that was surprisingly tight for something so small. The Indicol, was as you would expect not much to look at. The knurled nuts, were actually pretty decent, but the bushings & washers, where both pretty poor.

The first machining step was to create a clean reference surface on the Indicol, and to bore out the arm mounting point so that I could fit some brass bushings to it. I made the bushings, because the idea of a steel shaft running inside of a cast aluminum hole wasn’t something I thought vary highly of.

The final step was to turn the new bar that would mount the Noga arm. I chose to make it out of 416 stainless, so it was a breeze to machine. The process was strait forward, at the lathe I turned down a section to ride in the bushings, & a section I threaded with a die. I then moved to the mil and mounted the work in a 5C collet block milled a flat and then drilled and taped a hole M5. I think the entire process took less than an hour, and yielded a handy accessory for the mill.






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