Wine Rack Pt. 3

So what can you do when you spend 16 hours over two days in the shop? Well you can do several things, one is rough mill some stock to width, second you can drink more Gatorade than you thought humanly possible, and three you can make a really unimpressive MDF template. How impressive it is, probably depends on who you ask. The general public would probably say it’s just a board with some curves on it. I’d like to think that a skilled woodworker can look at it see how much work went into making it. This little template required two jigs to produce, and it’s only 90% done. In my opinion that’s an awful lot of work, for something that won’t even end up in the finish piece, but that’s the price of taking your work to the next level.

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  • August 8, 2011

    Don’t sweat what the general public thinks – we know why it took so long. By the second time you’re using the template, you’ll think those two days were a tiny investment, compared to the return you’re getting.

    What wood are you using for this rack?

    • August 8, 2011

      I”m using Peruvian Walnut for the verticals and cross members, and hard Maple for the bases and actual racks.

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