Raised dog dishes Pt. 6

The bad mojo is gone, and I’m back on track now. Last night, I wrapped up construction of the top, in spite of it being 50 degrees in the shop. I know I know I’m a big sissy; but I like to be warm, when I’m working in the shop. It’s kind of hard to focus on the task and hand, when you keep pondering what temperature frostbite start to become a concern.

The first thing I did, and forgot to take a picture of, was crosscut the tops to length. Routing holes for the dishes, was the second and most time consuming step of the evening. While it’s time consuming, it’s simple with a router circle jig. Step one is to locate and drill the hole for the centering pin. Step two is to pick the appropriate radius, and the final step is to start making saw dust.


Applying double sided table to the bottom of the top.


Ready to rout the holes


One hole down, one to go

With the holes done, and the shop floored cover with saw dust, It was time for something cleaner. The final task of the evening, was to round over the edges of the top at the router table. With the top now complete, I’m entering the final stretch of this project. I hope to make the buttons tonight, and then the only things left to do will be some light sanding, and applying the finish.


applying a 1/4″ round over to the edges.


Almost done.

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Part of the Project

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