Raised dog dishes Pt. 5 & bad mojo

After Today, I think I’m going to avoid the shop for a few days. I have some bad mojo hanging over my head, because last night I did something I almost never do. I broke the cardinal rule of woodworking; measure twice, cut once. When I purchased the wood for this project, I picked up a beautiful 12″ wide board so I could make the top out of one piece. Last night, everything started out smoothly. I ripped the board to length, flattened it, and jointed an edge in short order. When it came time to rip it to width, I wasn’t paying attention, and read the fractional part of the measurement of the length line on my scratch pad. Thus I ripped it to 10-1/8″, instead of 10-11/16″.

Thankfully I had enough extra stock that I could fix the problem. Thus after much cursing & pouting, I fixed my blunder. I ripped the top into 2 narrow piece, and then added a 3rd board milled from the extra stock. While it doesn’t look that bad, it’s not as nice as it could have been.

Remember: measure twice, cut once.


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