Raised dog dishes

After a few shop projects, I can finally start my next “real” project. For several reason, some intensely personal, & others less so, this project is very important to me. This is the first piece, of “fine furniture” that is 100% my design. All my previous projects, have been a copy of, or my take on someone someone Else’s design. The Sketchup file linked below,shows what several might find excessive for something as mundane as raised dog dishes, but nevertheless it illustrates what I consider my evolving style.

Over the weekend I tried my hand at exporting an animation from Sketchup, and I must say it was a lot simpler than I though it would be. In less than an hour I went from knowing nothing about it’s animation capabilities, to producing the video shown below. For those that are interested in the animation functionality, I found this tutorial very informative.

Design details:

  • Legs tapered on two sides
  • Apron beading
  • dovetail joinery
  • buttons to attach the top
  • made from solid walnut

The plan: raisedDogDishes.skp

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Part of the Project

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