Inserts wrap-up

Last night I finished up the inserts, by boring the through holes to the proper diameter. Since I had 3 blanks, I chose 1-1/2″, 2-1/4″, & 3″.  After a few days of needing a jig to do everything, it was really nice to just throw the work piece in the 3 jaw, and start boring. It took about an hour to bore out the inserts, and chamfer all the edges. It was pleasurable, as nothing had to be precise.

This afternoon, I installed and leveled the 1-1/2″ insert, as it’s the one that I will probably use 95% of the time. and then as a test I cut a short sliding dovetail. It’s shoulder was perfect aside from some tear out. The plastic insert produced a wavy shoulder, because it would flex as the board passed over it.


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