Moisture meter correction spreadsheet

Last week, I Used some gift cards I got for Christmas to pick up a Delmhorst J-Lite moisture meter. It’s a lower end model that requires you to manually correct the readings for temperature and species. Unfortunately the charts provided by Delmhorst are a little course.

Fortunately the data contained in the charts is fairly well behaved, and thus easily curve fitted. After an hour or two of data entry and curve fitting I cam up with an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet takes the following 3 Inputs.

  1. Temperature in °F
  2. The J-Lite Meter Reading (drop down list)
  3. The wood species being tested (drop down list)

The spreadsheet takes the inputs, and does some vlookups to determine what the corrected moisture content is. The spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

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  • Bruce
    April 2, 2014

    Thanks for making this available. I’m interested in playing around with the same issues as you. Your data input time is much appreciated!

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