Metalworking wall charts part two

It took a little longer to make, but I finished up a lathe speed chart tonight. I set this chart up as an excel spreadsheet so you can customize it. The spreadsheet accepts two control parameters feed, & doc (see cells K1 & K2). Doc has 5 possible settings 1.0″, 0 .4″, 0 .2″, 0.1″, 0.04″. Feed allows for any value from 0.002″ – 0.038″.

Please note that at the higher feed settings some cells will display¬† “N/A”.¬† The data I pulled from the “Machinery’s Handbook” has a small range, thus I decided it was better to provide no speed when a calculated value fell out side the range. I also preformatted the spreadsheet for printing on 3 letter sized sheets of paper.

Please note: I am not responsible for any personal injury to, or damages caused by an individual using the information listed on my website.

If you’re agree to the above disclaimer the speedsheet can be download here: turningspeeds.xls 245kb

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