Cad doodle (CCGT 21.52 insert)

My latest Cad doodle, a CCGT 21.52 insert with 15 degess of back rake. I have no idea if it would actually work, but is was fun to design. If you want to take a look at it in 3D you can download the RhinoCad file here.

ccgt 21.52

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  • Clyde
    November 23, 2008

    Dan, I sent you the information on “click turnbuckles” on model yachts. We have more common interests as I machine pistons for a living. At work we have many obsolete inserts and holders as they are no longer the most cost effective for our products. Let me know if you need any. Interesting design we use tcmt with mr7 chip breaker inserts at 7 degrees. With 15 degrees would have to be very soft material to allow edge support without break down. Clyde

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