boring bar sleeve

I ordered a bunch of boring bars the other day, but before I could use them I needed to figure out how to clamp them in the AXA holder. So how do you hold a 1/2″ boring bar with a holder designed for 3/4″ bars? With a sleeve of course. Sleeves are very easy to make; all you need is a lathe & a bandsaw.

My QCTP came with this 3/4″ boring bar holder but I have never used it.

AXA100 holder

I made the sleeve by boring it to size on the lathe, and then slitting it with my band saw.  I held it in the band saw by clamping it inside a toolmakers vice, and then clamping the toolmakers vice perpendicular to the blade with the bandsaw vice.


ready for use the rig looks like this.

ready for use

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  • James Dedmon
    September 24, 2013

    Great idea, I did something similar but instead of slitting the bushing I made mine as collars that match the ID of the boring bar and the ID of the boring bar holder. Then used set screws outside on the sholder that buts up against the adaptor. I got idea from boring bar sleeves that are used in CNC lathes that fit into thier turrets.

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