Jet 5×6 Bandsaw Review

After using a hacksaw to cut of a length of 1.5” diameter 4140, I decided it was time to get a bandsaw. OK I didn’t really decide, my aching arm told me it was time. I spent about a week doing my typical re-search to see what brand and model was best. I eventually settle on the Jet 5×6, because I could pick it up at my local Menards. I was a little wary of the Jet, because the display model looked like crap, but several people had good things to say about it. On black Friday I bit the bullet, and through down the cash.

When I finally got it home & assembled, I was presently surprised, because the fit and finish on my saw was an order of magnitude better than the display model at Menards. The gear box contained no casting sand, and I couldn’t find any rough or sharp casting seams. Most importantly the motor was a 1/2 horsepower UL rated unit. The motor on the display model looked liked it was assembled by monkeys. Next time I’m in Menards I need to stop and tell the manager that he should replace the display model, as I’m sure it’s costing him sales.

Below are some close up shots.

Jet 5×6 bandsaw

Jet 5×6 bandsaw gearbox

Jet 5×6 bandsaw motor

Jet 5×6 bandsaw pulleys

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  • Jim
    June 24, 2011

    I am a big fan of jet equipment.

    I use a jet 414459 vertical bandsaw 3/4 HP the model above that shown above I think . Would not swap for anything.
    Also has a Jet Drill Press


  • Ian
    October 17, 2011

    I agree with what Jim, above says. The Jet 414459 is a serious piece of kit.
    Thanks for the post!

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