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Photography is something I've always been interested in. It's a solid second tier hobby of mine, that plays an integral part in documenting my other hobbies.

Machining A Camera Cheese Plate

September 21, 2017

One of the issues with using a DSLR to shoot video, is that to get really good audio you need a few accessories. Those accessories can get unwieldy at times, so most people get a cage to mount their camera in and their accessories to. I personally don’t like cages, because they don’t allow you to quickly take your camera out of them. Thus, I decided to make a custom cheese plate that would mount to the top of my pre-amp. The cheese plate allows me to use an Arca-Swiss style quick release plate which allows me to access my camera very quickly.

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Indiscriminate photos #7

November 3, 2016

Some shots of Jillian and I’s quick trip to Washington D.C. early last week.

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Indiscriminate photos #6

August 21, 2016

Some shots from Jillian & I’s trip to the Monticello Railway Museum, where week took a ride on a train powered by a 100 year old steam engine.

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Indiscriminate photos #5

July 24, 2016

Some shots of the dogs playing in lake Michigan at Indiana Dunes State Park over the 4th of July weekend.

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Indiscriminate photos #4

June 18, 2016

Some photos from Jillian & I’s honeymoon inĀ Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. All of the pictures except for the turtle where taken in the garden of our Villa.

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