Mill work light

I love my little Jansjo work lights,  as they are small and easy to move from machine to machine. However, they don’t produce a lot of light, and thus aren’t overly useful when recording video. This is really only a problem on my mill, because the head blocks most of my overhead lighting, because of how big it is.

The other day I found what looked to be a decent machine light on amazon, so I pulled the trigger. It was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday, so I unboxed it and started working on how to mount it. The left side of the head has a steel bracket used to actuate head limit switches. The hole spacing and bolt size is exactly the same as the light base (M6-1.0). The bracket attaches with socket head cap screws, but I didn’t have any long enough, so I temporarily attached the light with hex bolts.


P1010205 P1010204





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