Lathe sandbag platforms

When I built my mini-lathe stand, I intentionally kept it light and simple so I could add onto it in the future (bed extension), and so I could easily move it around my shop. As most people will tell you, a light lathe stand is a sever limitation if you intend to turn a lot of large projects. When I designed my stand, I left room for some accessories what would let me weigh it down. Since I plan on doing some larger projects in the not so distance future, I knocked out the accessories last week.

The design is pretty simple as you can see below. they’re just a T shape platforms that sit on top of the stand feet. I currently have 2 70 lb. sand bags on top of each, and I think they could easily support twice that. So far I’m very pleased with them, as the stand is still very mobile, and I can still get real close to the machine for intricate work.


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