Scrap wood no more

After probably 35 or 40 hours of work, the scrap wood side table is finally done, and Most importantly Jillian is very happy with it. Since I still have yet more presents to make, this post is going to be pretty short, but hopefully the photos make up for the lack of words.

The two photos below, show what the top looked like over the last two days of assembly. Counter to what I thought would happen, the pace of construction actually slowed the closer i got to being done. The main reason for the slow down,  was because the clamps that held the last piece in place, prevented me from either fitting or gluing up the next piece, so I lost a lot of time waiting for glue to dry. The last dozen or so pieces had to be tapered by hand, because of the cumulative error of all the individual glue-ups. The last 2 or 3 pieces where so tight I had to drive them in with a mallet, and hope a joint didn’t blow out.

Flattening the top was easy, as I just used 2 guide rails I slapped together, and the sled I use to flatten cutting boards.  As you can tell from the finished shot below, I got some burning in the harder species, so I think its about time to get my bowling bit sharpened.

After a lot of sanding, I applied my favorite finish for this type of work, Watco Danish oil, and Black Bison paste wax. Some of the joints aren’t up to my OCD standards, but most people will never notice.


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  • December 14, 2015

    Wow looks so complex! Lovely colors, and there’s even some pink and orange. It has a very cool bottom, like an upside-down city. Somewhat reminds me of Piet Mondrian, just in that it uses lots of rectangles.

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