Narex paring chisel review

One of the things I got around Christmas time was a set of the Narex pairing chisels from Lee Valley. It took some time to get around to flattening the backs and sharpening them thanks to mother nature keeping me really busy. The flattening process was pretty easy for all the chisels except the largest two. In the picture below you can see halos on both the chisels. It took about 30 minutes of honing each to get them this flat.  They are more than flat  enough to use, but aren’t  optically flat yet.  I’m sure the’ll get there after a few honings, but for what they cost, they are well worth the price.



  • John
    February 9, 2014

    Glad to hear you find them a good deal. I’ve been considering these as well, and was hesitating as I haven’t seen any reliable reviews.

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