curvy legs

It took 3 weeks, but the legs are done except for finish sanding. The final step of making the legs was the longest, and the scariest. First I had to make a template for pattern routing, out of 1/4″ plywood. As you would expect it only took about an hour to make. One thing you will notice, is the template has a reference surface made from scrap SYP. It was needed so I could reference off the back miter edge.

routing template

routing template

To shape the legs, I double stick taped the template to the legs, and then rough cut around the template at the bandsaw. The scariest part was next. Maybe scary is the wrong word, but pattern routing 1-5/8″ thick Jatoba  is not something to take lightly. It was loud, slow going and more than a little nerve racking, but I got through it using a Whiteside Down spiral flush trim bit. After I finished routing all 8 legs, I took them over to the oscillating spindle sander to smooth out any imperfections.  After some hand sanding, it was back to the router table to round over the front edges.  The round over  has a large 3/4″ radius so it it had to be done in several passes. While as you can see the leg lookes beautiful, all that time spent bent over the router table really put the kibosh on my lower back, so it’s going to be a few days till I can get back into the shop.

Now that's a nice Leg

Now that’s a nice Leg

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  • John
    April 28, 2012

    This is looking real good.
    Thanks for the info on the “how” as well.

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