Black Friday 2011

I freely admit I’m an accuracy addict, when I’m milling stock my calipers are never more than a few feet away. The only problem with my calipers, is that they are graduated in  thousands of an inch,and while I know some of the decimal to fraction conversions I’m not in the shop often enough to memorize all of the useful ones. Fractional calipers can be had, but they are usually only graduated in 1/64ths and in my opinion that’s just not fine enough, so I never purchased one.

Fast forward to black Friday, and Berland’s House Of Tools. if you have ever been to Berland’s, you know it’s more of a contractors tools store. I wasn’t expecting to find anything spectacular, but while browsing the layout & measurement section I came across the little gem below. When I saw this baby i lit up like a 5 year old on Christmas day. A fractional caliper graduated in 1/512ths, yes please.


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