Let there be light

It’s hard to believe it’s been over 3 weeks since my last post, but there it is. With the weather changing, the holidays coming, and other interesting changes happening in my life, I haven’t spent a lot of time in the shop over the last month. I have however, found enough time to design and build some prototype Christmas presents. In stead of giving gift cards this year (my family is impossible to buy gifts for), I wanted to give something I made.

What I came up with were tea candle holders. They are simple to make, all you need are holes 5/8″ deep and 1-9/16″ in diameter. The best way to make the holes is with a Forstner bit on a drill press. How many candles per holder, and the shape of the holder can be anything you want. The following holders are ones I made from off cuts I had laying around the shop.

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