A small saw till Pt. 1

I have 3 of the Veritas back saws now, and I’m starting to use them more frequently. Since I’m in between big projects, and storing the saws in the guestroom closet is less than ideal, I decided now was a good time to make a till.  My  requirements for the till are as follows:

  1. It needs to be big enough to hold my current nest of saws with room for one or two more.
  2.  it has to be made with stock I have on-hand

With the requirements outlined, I started milling some 4/4 hard maple stock Sunday evening.  The sides are a little less than 3/8″ thick, and bookmatched. All the other boards  in the project are 5/8″ thick. I didn’t want any joinery showing on the side panels, so they are joined to the cross members with sliding dovetails. I’ll have more details next time.

small saw till

Rough cut parts

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Part of the Project

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