The best paint can opener ever!

I got this screwdriver in a Craftsman combo set when I was fourteen or fifteen I think. They were my first tools, and if memory serves, I got them with birthday money from my great grandmother.  I’m sure my father was smiling ear to ear, because I wouldn’t be “misplacing” his tools anymore. A decade and a half later and I haven’t “misplaced” any of them, and some of them still look brand new.

Last night, while opening a can of Lacquer, it hit me. The big stubby flat head is the perfect can opener. It’s easy to grip, and provides plenty of leverage for prying off lids welded down by dried finish. For the life of me, I can think of any situation that calls for a screwdriver this short. Thus it must be  a can opener, masquerading as a screwdriver.


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