Veritas carcass saws

My first handsaw was a cheap Buck Brothers saw that I got at the local True Value. It wasn’t very sharp, and its fit & finish wasn’t very stellar either.  With that being said, it got the job done all kinds of projects. I used it for everything,  cutting  scarp to size when i didn’t want to move the cars to get to the miter saw, to trimming the bottom of a Christmas tree (the neanderthal police are still after me).

My parents got me the new Veritas carcass saws for my birthday, and they are leaps and bounds better than the old Buck Brothers. The bubinga handles have an excellent finish, and the blades are highly polished. In my opinion, the best feature of these saw, is newbie proof labels. After all, not everyone, can just look at a saws teeth, and tell what type of saw it is.


  • November 27, 2010

    Very cool, I’m glad Veritas came up with these as a follow up to their famous dovetail saw. I have been eying them for a while as I too just have a cheap “gentleman’s” saw. If they don’t show up under the tree this year they may have to be purchased in January 🙂

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