Tapering Jig

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The new jig

I’ve made one off tapers for years, using nothing more than a piece of MDF and double stick tape. All I had to do was set the table saw fence, rip the MDF to width, and then tape the work piece to the MDF with the proper chunk overhanging the end. The setup was quick and easy, but not very repeatable.  Since my next project will require 16 identical tapers, and I’m still waiting on a router bit to arrive, I though now would be a good time to make a proper tapering jig.

Like most of my projects, this one started with me surfing the net, to see what others have done. I found a wide range of designs, everything from a piece of scrap & a drywall screws, to a jig that looked like it would take a week to make. What I settled on was this design by Alan Turner with a few tweaks.

The tweaks I made are as follows. First I used 1/2″ MDF for the sled instead of 3/4″, because my table saw has a limited depth of cut and that extra 1/4″ makes a difference. Secondly, I Made a lot more holes for hold down bolts. I did this because I didn’t like the idea of screwing the stop blocks (Alan calls them keepers) down the jig all the time. Finally I made Infinitely adjustable hold downs. Instead of me jabbering on, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

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