Clamp storage racks

Since I’m waiting on a router bit I ordered to come in (need it for my next project), I decided to make some shop improvements over the long holiday weekend. One of the things I’ve been putting off for a while now, is upgrading my clamp storage. My old racks where made from angle iron that I welded together, painted, and slapped up on the wall. They worked fine for several years, but recently I’ve started acquiring parallel clamps, and they don’t play well with the old racks, as they where designed to store pipe clamps. Since I want to acquire more parallel clamps (you can never have enough clamps), and I’ve run out of space on my current racks, I decided it was time to address the issue.

With that in mind I set down Thursday evening, and started researching how other people stored their clamps. After  an hour or so of searching and playing in Sketchup, I settled on Marc Spagnuolo’s design, with one minor tweak. I round over the front of the slots to make getting the clamps in a little easier.

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