An update and a preview of things to come

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, so it’s about time for an update. It’s been too hot (heat index approaching 110) the last several weeks to do anything meaningful in the shop, so I’ve been working on some new features for the site. Two new simple features are the links & contact pages. The final new feature  is a custom flash video player, that I wrote and can be see in action on this old post. The player is nothing great, but it’s significantly cleaner than the free one I used previously.

Ok, now for the preview part.

I recently purchased a new  Nikon P100 camera, to replace my ancient Cannon S1. Since the new camera takes both 720P & 1080P video, I’ve decided to start incorporating video posts into my blog. I’m psyched about this because I really enjoy posting about the trials & tribulations of my various projects, and then hearing back from people about how my post helped them with one of their projects. Additionally video opens a whole new realm of possibilities when it come to explaining something, because some things just can’t be adequately expressed with words & pictures alone. Now for the catch, my desktop died last week, and my laptop isn’t up to the task of processing video. I have parts for a new machine on order from Newegg, but it will probably be another week until I can get it built.  So check back in a week or so and I should have my first video post up.

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