Router Table (Pt. 8)

I finished the case late last week, and started working on the top late Saturday night. One of the things I struggled with, was how to cut a hole in the back of the case for the dust port. I didn’t want to buy a hole saw that would most likely never be used again unless I absolutely needed to. The solution I came up with, was to use an adjustable circle cutter to make a hole in a piece of MDF scrap,  I then used the MDF as a template to router the hole into the case.

dust Port Template

Circle cutter & template.

routed Dust Port

The template made it easy to ensure the dust port was flush with the bottom shelf.

mounted Dust Port

The following shots are a hodgepodge, but they show some interesting details.

face Frame

I used rift sawn red oak for the face frame, and really like the contrast it creates with the birch plywood.

door Joint

I used bridal joints for the access door, because they're strong and simple.

magnetic Door Catch

I used two catches on the access door to keep it from deforming while it's under vacuum from the dust collector.

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