Olive wood marking knife

Who says you can’t find great deals on eBay anymore!! This lovely marking knife only cost me $29 delivered to my door step. It’s 7″ long by 1/2″ in diameter at the finger grip, and made from genuine Middle-Eastern olive wood. The blade is made of O-1 tool steel that has been hardened, tempered, and then sharpened to a 55 degree included angle with 20 degree bevels. After 15  minutes of honing on my water stones, the blade was sharp enough to shave with. This knife will probably last me a life time, but at some point in the future I want to try my hand at making one.

pocket ready

The cap makes it safe for breast pocket storage.


If you ignore the dust, you can see the lovely almost burl like grain patern on the handle.


Though the image doesn't do it justice, the blade is razer sharp, highly polished.

The cap has a wonderful Olive geen (imagine that) color to it.

The cap

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