Router Table (Pt. 4)

On Friday, the plywood I ordered finally arrived, so construction has commenced.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the main differences between my table and Norm’s are the joints. He’s well known for his use of screws & biscuits. For example he used biscuits to join the case back to the sides and internal dividers, and well I find this method substandard. I chose to use dados, but as you can see below this leads to a scenario where 3 stopped dados intersect with a 4th dado.


Normally stopped dados have to be cleaned up with a chisel, but since these intersect with another dado, a router equipped with a special template bit can do the clean up faster than anyone could do by hand. Check out the following photos you’ll see what I mean.


Here's one of the dados fresh off the table saw, all that's left is a little ramp that most people would remove with a chisel.


The secret wepon is this Whiteside template bit, it's cutting length is only an 1/8". Because of the short cutting length, the bearing can actually fit into the dado and ride along the wall.


Five seconds worth of routing yields a perfect dado. Mental note, always doble check the router depth setting.

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