Router Table (Pt. 1)

For the last two weeks I have been designing my next big project, a router table based on the NYW  deluxe router station. I’m making several changes to the plans, The biggest one being that my router station needs to be mobile, so it’s designed to rest on 3″ casters.  I’m also changing the bit drawer sizes, I sized the two bottom drawers to hold the longest 1/2″  bits Freud sells (4-3/4″), The top 4 drawers are sized to hold normal length 1/2″ bits, and long 1/4″ bits. The only other change worth noting, is how the back is attached. Norm used biscuits to attach the back, I’m going to use dado’s. Unfortunately since my design is based so closely on Norm’s commercially available plans I can’t post the Sketchup file, but I can post a screen shots of it.  Hopefully I will have the design finished by the end of the year, and be able to start construction in early January.

My design about 90% done.

My design about 90% done.

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