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safty Glasses

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PPE isn’t normally a topic I get all worked up about, but after using these glasses for almost a year, I can say these are by far the best pair I have ever owned. The lenses are large, and perfectly contoured to fit my head.

This is really beneficial for two reasons. One, because they are so large I rarely see the sides in my peripheral vision, so I often don’t realize I have them on, and thus I’m less likely to take them off. Secondly, because they are so well contoured they set really close to my face, and thus do a better job than most at protecting my eyes from flying debris.

If you’ve ever worn earmuffs and cheap safety glasses together, you know that the glasses ear pieces get forced into your head by the earmuffs. At best, it’s annoying; at worst, it causes pressure points and headaches.

Since the ear pieces on these are wide and thin, they spread the force out over a greater area, thus reducing the likely hood of a headache (at least for me). I originally got my pair at Woodcraft, but they don’t appear to carry them anymore, however you can pick them up on Amazon.


  • February 20, 2015

    We have a problem concerning the piece, where can i make contact
    with the person responsible?

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